Saturday, January 14, 2012

NST yesterday

So I am 28w3d today!! Keep growing babies!! I had my first non-stress test yesterday and it went pretty well, both babies were responsive. Our lil girl did better than her big brother (I say big because he probably weighs about 2 ounces more, will be the first born, and is normally very active). Ethan had a few dsels of the heart that were very mild but it prompted them to send me to an U/S to check his fluids levels. Luckily they were great on both babies and so were the doppler cord studies. I was reassured by the nurse that this can happen in the 28-32 week timeframe. Also I was having Braxton Hicks contractions apparently every 3 minutes!! That was pretty scary considering I hardly felt them!! The nurse told me I was dehydrated and I was instructed to drink like a fish!! Although BH's don't usually send you into labor (not strong enough) it's pretty scary to have them that close together!!

I sit here now with my 24 oz water bottle trying to chug as much as  I can. Apparently this BH's can happen anytime after 20 weeks. The fact that I'm carrying two is basically making it like I am about 32 weeks instead of 28! So apparently my ute is having rehearsals! Whatever I hope it stops for a bit!! Luckily they also measured my cervix and it was over 3 and long and closed still so that is good!!

Now I just need to make it till my 29 week appointment Wednesday and see where we go from there!! Update to come!

I found the below hats which I have to get for our lil peanuts!!

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