Monday, December 26, 2011

First Post

I wish I could be making this post and be very optimistic but honestly I'm pretty scared. Jeff and I are extremely lucky to be expecting boy/girl twins (fraternal di-di). I am currently 25w5d pregnant. I found out last week that my twins (at least the girl) are growing very slowly (5th percentile-girl, 12th- boy), anything above 10 is normal. Below is considered IUGR. I am very scared for these two!! I need to make it to 28 weeks which is 2 weeks away basically. I don't think that will be an issue (obviously days are lasting very long!!) I hope they continue to grow though!! My girl is estimated at 1lb 7oz, boy 1lb 9oz. I pray the next appointment at 27w2d will show decent growth!! Being over 1000 grams or over 2lbs gives them a huge advantage!! I need them to get there! I am eating as best as possible. I have a hard time not blaming myself (prior health from cancer treatments). My lungs and heart aren't working at a great level. Heart right below normal, lungs have a mild ventilary defect due to radiation treatment. We are also getting the cord flow to the placentas checked which I hope is ok!! Until then I will wait on pins and needles for these two!! God please let them be strong and keep holding on and growing in there!!