Monday, January 30, 2012

Almost 31 weeks!!

So today I'm 30w5d. I had a growth scan on Wednesday at 30 weeks. Babies are growing on their own lil curve. Allison is 2lb7oz and Ethan 2lb 11oz so small for their size but still growing! Aiming to get them over 3 a piece!! Also, last week I was diagnosed with Cholestasis, a lovely itchy hell that apparently is caused by my liver not processing bile. I'm on Ursodial to slow it down and calm itching. This can be dangerous for the babies if it gets out of hand. They have decided to deliver me at 37 weeks at the latest because of this and I will continue to be monitored with an NST one week and growth U/S with biophysicals the next week and so on. So yes that's overwhelming! My body just needs  to behave!! Luckily my heart function came back up to low normal!! That was good, originally doctors were talking about putting me on meds for heart failure! I'm also keeping the Gestational Diabetes under control, although the testing 4 times a day is a lot! I just want to get these babies out when they are ready and pray that everything will go well for them! I could care less that this pregnancy continues to beat me up (well it sucks and yes I complain ) but anything for them! These two are my world...

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