Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A few more days!!

So I have a few more days till my 27w2d u/s. Jeff is coming with me, thank God!! I did find out that I am also dealing with Gestational Diabetes. Awesome! Anyways the "diet" is typically how I eat pretty much and not a big deal, my numbers are really good but unfortunately I have to poke my fingers 4 times a day! One of my fingers are super bruised right now! I actually was in for an appointment today to check how I'm doing with the GD and caught up with my doctor. She reassured me a bit. Telling me the babies are still growing which is good. It's not the best situation but as long as they continue growing. She tells me also I will have no issue making it past 28 weeks (basically next week, I'm 26w6d today). I feel good about this and also apparently they did check cord flow last time and it was normal!!  Having a little trouble breathing but that's to be expected with my issues and a 33 week sized belly and also with a little girl jamming her way up into my left lung!! Trying to take it day by day, eating a ton of protein, up 4lbs in about a week and 1/2!! Hope it's going to the babies and not my hips and butt <: So the weight gain has been about 26 lbs so far! That is really good considering I didn't gain till 15 weeks!! I'll update this weekend about Friday, fingers, toes, and eyes crossed!!

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