Monday, January 30, 2012

Almost 31 weeks!!

So today I'm 30w5d. I had a growth scan on Wednesday at 30 weeks. Babies are growing on their own lil curve. Allison is 2lb7oz and Ethan 2lb 11oz so small for their size but still growing! Aiming to get them over 3 a piece!! Also, last week I was diagnosed with Cholestasis, a lovely itchy hell that apparently is caused by my liver not processing bile. I'm on Ursodial to slow it down and calm itching. This can be dangerous for the babies if it gets out of hand. They have decided to deliver me at 37 weeks at the latest because of this and I will continue to be monitored with an NST one week and growth U/S with biophysicals the next week and so on. So yes that's overwhelming! My body just needs  to behave!! Luckily my heart function came back up to low normal!! That was good, originally doctors were talking about putting me on meds for heart failure! I'm also keeping the Gestational Diabetes under control, although the testing 4 times a day is a lot! I just want to get these babies out when they are ready and pray that everything will go well for them! I could care less that this pregnancy continues to beat me up (well it sucks and yes I complain ) but anything for them! These two are my world...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

NST yesterday

So I am 28w3d today!! Keep growing babies!! I had my first non-stress test yesterday and it went pretty well, both babies were responsive. Our lil girl did better than her big brother (I say big because he probably weighs about 2 ounces more, will be the first born, and is normally very active). Ethan had a few dsels of the heart that were very mild but it prompted them to send me to an U/S to check his fluids levels. Luckily they were great on both babies and so were the doppler cord studies. I was reassured by the nurse that this can happen in the 28-32 week timeframe. Also I was having Braxton Hicks contractions apparently every 3 minutes!! That was pretty scary considering I hardly felt them!! The nurse told me I was dehydrated and I was instructed to drink like a fish!! Although BH's don't usually send you into labor (not strong enough) it's pretty scary to have them that close together!!

I sit here now with my 24 oz water bottle trying to chug as much as  I can. Apparently this BH's can happen anytime after 20 weeks. The fact that I'm carrying two is basically making it like I am about 32 weeks instead of 28! So apparently my ute is having rehearsals! Whatever I hope it stops for a bit!! Luckily they also measured my cervix and it was over 3 and long and closed still so that is good!!

Now I just need to make it till my 29 week appointment Wednesday and see where we go from there!! Update to come!

I found the below hats which I have to get for our lil peanuts!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A few more days!!

So I have a few more days till my 27w2d u/s. Jeff is coming with me, thank God!! I did find out that I am also dealing with Gestational Diabetes. Awesome! Anyways the "diet" is typically how I eat pretty much and not a big deal, my numbers are really good but unfortunately I have to poke my fingers 4 times a day! One of my fingers are super bruised right now! I actually was in for an appointment today to check how I'm doing with the GD and caught up with my doctor. She reassured me a bit. Telling me the babies are still growing which is good. It's not the best situation but as long as they continue growing. She tells me also I will have no issue making it past 28 weeks (basically next week, I'm 26w6d today). I feel good about this and also apparently they did check cord flow last time and it was normal!!  Having a little trouble breathing but that's to be expected with my issues and a 33 week sized belly and also with a little girl jamming her way up into my left lung!! Trying to take it day by day, eating a ton of protein, up 4lbs in about a week and 1/2!! Hope it's going to the babies and not my hips and butt <: So the weight gain has been about 26 lbs so far! That is really good considering I didn't gain till 15 weeks!! I'll update this weekend about Friday, fingers, toes, and eyes crossed!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

First Post

I wish I could be making this post and be very optimistic but honestly I'm pretty scared. Jeff and I are extremely lucky to be expecting boy/girl twins (fraternal di-di). I am currently 25w5d pregnant. I found out last week that my twins (at least the girl) are growing very slowly (5th percentile-girl, 12th- boy), anything above 10 is normal. Below is considered IUGR. I am very scared for these two!! I need to make it to 28 weeks which is 2 weeks away basically. I don't think that will be an issue (obviously days are lasting very long!!) I hope they continue to grow though!! My girl is estimated at 1lb 7oz, boy 1lb 9oz. I pray the next appointment at 27w2d will show decent growth!! Being over 1000 grams or over 2lbs gives them a huge advantage!! I need them to get there! I am eating as best as possible. I have a hard time not blaming myself (prior health from cancer treatments). My lungs and heart aren't working at a great level. Heart right below normal, lungs have a mild ventilary defect due to radiation treatment. We are also getting the cord flow to the placentas checked which I hope is ok!! Until then I will wait on pins and needles for these two!! God please let them be strong and keep holding on and growing in there!!